Emerging Trends in Book History and Print Culture Studies Colloquium

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Program, Map, and Pre-Colloquium Event - UPDATE

We are pleased to announce the program for the upcoming "Emerging Trends in Book History and Print Culture" graduate colloquium.

The pub night for Friday, 5 April has been moved to The Madison Ave Pub, 14 Madison Ave. It will no longer be taking place at the Duke of York.

We have also made a map available featuring conference locations in red and dining locations in blue. A print version of this map will be available at the colloquium.

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We are also pleased to announce that the Toronto Public Library's Keep Toronto Reading Festival will be hosting a pair of talks on Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, featuring a talk entitled "Fahrenheit 2570: Ray Bradbury and the Dangerous Materiality of Books" by our opening keynote speaker Alan Galey, as well as another talk by University of Toronto prof Andrew Lesk. The event will be taking place on Thursday April 4th at 6:30 PM, University College, Room 179, 15 King's College Circle—just a short walk from Massey College. This event has been marked on the official colloquium map.

Emerging Trends in Book History and Print Culture Studies

The Book History and Print Culture (BHPC) collaborative program at the University of Toronto and Le Groupe de recherches et d'études sur le livre au Québec (GRÉLQ) at the Université de Sherbrooke (QC) are inviting proposals from graduate students whose research pertains to Book History and Print Culture to join in a series of two-day conference and workshops. Aiming at identifying emerging trends in book history studies as well as providing a platform for exchange and networking, the series will bring together graduate researchers from universities across Canada.

Over two instalments, one to be held predominantly in French at the Université de Sherbrooke and one to be held mainly in English at the University of Toronto, graduate researchers will explore what it means to study book history in Canada and attempt to identify emerging trends in the field. To support cross-discipline and cross-language collaboration, one panel in Sherbrooke will be held in English, and one panel in Toronto will be held in French.

The organizing committee is interested in innovative book history research currently underway in Canadian institutions and pertaining to all subjects, periods, regions and stemming from all disciplines.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to: research pertaining to previously unexplored corpora or that defies traditional ways of looking at well-known corpora;

  • research looking at the authors and other agents related to book history and print culture;
  • research that considers new ways to approach book history and considers the relationships between the book and society, the environment, and media, supported by and not limited to the methods of disciplines such as statistics, economics, psychology and other sciences;
  • research considering the book and its current and future digital incarnations, the relationship between the book and other media;
  • research pertaining to book history theory or that considers the relationship between the field of book history and other connected disciplines such as sociology of literature or cultural studies and
  • research that focuses on topics that could affect the way book history is taught and researched in Canada like, for example, Canada’s changing copyright laws (proposed Bill C-11).

Conference participants' papers will be considered for publication in a special issue of The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada.

For further details, read the complete Call for Papers.